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MARYLUXE cleaning services is an indigenous cleaning and property relocation company based in Enugu state, Nigeria. Our services run through the southeastern states and beyond and we are fast growing to cover the whole nation. 

Our major aim is to create ease and a habitually safe place in homes, offices, organization and environments with our services, which is summed up in;

  • Janitorial Services, 
  • Pest control,
  • Property movement and relocation.

With our fast growing service delivery web, we have been able to build a huge clientele of different individuals/organizations from different works of life. 

We have been consistent in what we do since the past three years we started off. We have grown from conventional cleaning practices to modern methods of cleaning and meeting needs. 

We have a growing staff strength of over fifteen permanent cleaners and over thirty part time cleaners. Our company has continuously created job opportunities for youths within our city of operation. 

We are intentional about creating a great customer experience for both our customers and potential customers and this has contributed immensely to our business growth. 

We have vowed to continue to create a safe place for the environment through our services.

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